2nd page Bluestone Station Assembly Instructions

Glue 4 roof gutters to the facia angles. These facias will be glued to the underside of the roof. Under the roof edge a bevel is part of the mould and accommodates the facia. The 90 degree angle of the facia then hangs toward the ground and accommodates the gutter. Position the gutter at the lower part of the facia face and glue. Paint and let dry. 

Paint the three gabled roof facias. Let dry. Then glue the three gabled facias at the ends of the roof assembly taking care the roof surface and the top of the facia are flush. Glue the four gutters to the underside of the roof sections and facias.

To assemble the window frame - position the inner frame on the work area cleanest edge uppermost. Place a frame face on top with the detailed and clean face also uppermost. The inside lines of both window frame pieces need to be aligned as flush as possible. To achieve this either practice the placement of one onto the other with the intention of having a small amount of glue on either piece and gluing together. Or make a small box or similar to insert into the cavity resulting in the box holding the two pieces in position. I have used both procedures and lately prefer the latter. I have not provided this little jig or box or whatever you could name because accidental adhesion is a distinct possibility. Glue window frames together. If the window frame and the windows are to be painted the same colour then the windows are to be placed inside the frame and glued. I cut small squares of ice-cream sticks that fit in the frame so when the window is placed on top of the ice-cream stick piece the window is centred in the frame. Utilize something similar. Repeat for all window frames.  Paint. Let dry. Apply glazing with PVA glue or similar then glue into appropriate apertures.

Paint doors. Let dry. Apply glazing with PVA glue or similar then glue into position.

The roof support is positioned on top of the small wall frame butting against the tall solid wall. It gives the roof support at that piont in the fashion as the gable at the other end. Glue the roof assemblies into position taking care to centre the roof over the tall wall frame.

Paint the corbel strips. Let dry. Glue into position under the eaves of the roof butting up against the wall. Some shaving of the corbel strip with be necessary. I've found that scrapping the bottom or thinner edge with a sharp hobby knive tends to work best. Take care.

Create the capping/ridging by folding the edge of the adhesive paper to 90 degrees. Place the adhesive strip facing up. Place a steel ruler along where the fold is intended. There should be 3mm or so of the adhesive paper exposed. I use a stanley blade to fold up the exposed edge 90 degrees. Then with the ruler from a line where the cut is required to create the capping/ridging and cut with a hoby knife. Cut the capping/ridging to the required length and peel away the adhesion skin and place into position. Capping/ridging over the facias must be completed before the capping/ridging covers the roof sections.

To construct the verandah firstly paint the verandah roof and a small piece of the adhesive paper. Paint the verandah posts and the verandah facia surround. The verandah roof sits flush against the front tall wall between the two windows. Check the fit and check the fit to the small wall front wall. Some filing/sanding may be necessary to create a flush fit. Glue verandah roof to the facia surround. Top of the roof and top of the facia are to be flush. Create capping/ridging and apply over join between sides of verandah roof and facia.

Paint the verandah gutter. Paint the verandah posts. Let dry. Glue gutter to front of verandah assembly. Take the two plain verandah posts and check height against building. The top of the post is required to be a fraction higher than the lowest window so the verandah fits between the two windows. Cut the bottom of the post to suit. All the posts are then required to be this same height. Cut. Glue the two plain posts against the front of the building almost at each end leaving 1 to 2 mm of the cornerstones exposed. Glue verandah assembly into position. Then glue remaining posts into position. 

To construct the outbuilding paint all pieces prior to gluing. Let dry. Glue roof to frame and glue doors.

Now to manufacture the down pipe. There are no rules where the downpipes are to be fitted, you decide where you wish them to be positioned. Having said this the brass road provided caters for two down pipes from the tall wall gutter and a down pipe from the short back wall and a down pipe from the verandah. Also two small down pipes for the extension room. Take the brass rod and assess if a dog-leg bend in the rod is required  to travel from the gutter to fit flush against the wall. If the bend is required measure the distances and effect bends as required. Paint. Let dry. Cut to correct length and fix to building.

All done.