Please be advised that viewing this site via mobile telephone does not allow the entire site to be viewed. It is suggested for assembly instructions use the old fashioned P.C. At this stage I'm not aware of any issues related to the use of i-Pads, note books or lap-tops when viewing this site. If printing pages the best method is cut and paste to a standard word page or similar. That will then have text without background colour. Printing with the background is superslow if even your printer will cope.

The kits are polyurethane with styrene detail. Capping /Ridging is via adhesive paper. Down pipes are of 1mm  brass rod.

If perusing product and its categories. After selecting building/structure please allow 30 to 60 seconds for photographs to load.

Prior to commencing any kit construction it is insisted the modeller read construction hints found as a sub menu by hovering the cursor over the Home category at the main menu.

A facebook page is functioning although on a limited basis. It provides updates including new projects, assembly hints using photographs, and other good stuff. It can be viewed by clicking the thumbnail picture left side of most pages. It is not necessary to be a facebook subscriber to view this page.