.KMQ Wagon (standard)

Instructions apply for both versions of the KMQ wagons.

When removing etch parts from their tags take care and file away any of the remaining tag.

Glue side-frames to side edge of chassis. Positioning is very important here. Make sure the top of the side-frame is glued flush to the deck. Also make sure the ends are true and identical with its mirror side-frame. Place into position and glue the body onto the deck of chassis assembly. Fold the headstock sections of the etch deck to form a right angle.  Take care to establish the position of the deck onto the chassis assembly. Symmetry is very important. Once satisfied glue into position.

Identify the bearers that lay across the deck in the rebated sections. These bearers will have overhang on the deck of about 3 mm. On the bearers there are rebate areas to accommodate the container locks. These must be facing up and be visible when in position.  Carefully study these rebate areas. One corner has a tiny bevel. This bevel is repeated on the lock to make a nice fit. The bevel must be positioned to the centre-most of the wagon. The bearer positioning across the deck must be symmetrical. When satisfied glue into position.

On the bearers there should be some rebated sections for the container locks as previously explained. Identify the etched container lock.  All have folding lines. Remove from the tags and tidy up the remaining tag. These locks have three square shapes all joined. Again study them closely and one of the squares has a minute bevelled corner. This is the part that is glued to the bearer rebated section. The largest section of the lock etch is attached to the deck and the remaining two squares create the sides of the lock. Fold the corner locks into position. All folds are to be at 90 degrees. Using super glue then glue into position on the deck. If applicable (KMQ 133) Identify the keepers and where their corresponding positions are. Fold and glue into position.

Where the bearers overhang the deck there are bracing or gussets that are supports to the bearers. These are position underneath and fit into the chassis in the C channel. On the etch these are a bowl shaped item with two fold lines. Remove and fold on the fold line to 90 degrees. They should form a U shape. The centre part of this etch is positioned under the bearer and the angled sides position into the C channel. When satisfied glue into position.

On the KMQ 133 there is a tie down rail parallel to the deck on each side. There are a pair of brass lengths for this purpose. They are position at the end of the bearers adjacent to the container locks and dividers. Glue into position.

To accommodate the coupling some filing may be required. to create a flush fit.

Adjacent to the centre beam the lengths of C channel are glued to form a deeper centre beam.


Decal applications as per photographs on the usual web sites.

Below are a couple of pictures to aid the instructions. A better view can be seen on the Section 8 facebook page entry dated 27.4.2019.