GH 800


Cast Parts

Lid body


Discharge hatches x 2

Plastic Parts


Side Panels x 2

Brass Etch

Hand rail and latch strap panel

Hand brake wheel panel.



From the SEM GY kit take both sides and in between the flanges of the doors and side panels cut so to remove the doors. See above top left photograph. Fit the replacement panels and glue. Build the remainer of the wagon body per the SEM instructions. Identify the discharge hatches. These are positioned on the undercarriage between the axles behind the C channel. See photographs above. Glue hatches into position.

Identify the plate part and the lid. On the plate the rebated section sits in the cavity of the wagon. The lid is the positioned symmetrically on top of the plate. When satisfied glue into position. The cast hatch is then positioned symmetrically on top of the lid. When satisfied glue into position.

Paint. Paint the hand rail and strap etches. 

The above photographs show the positioning of the straps and the hand rails. To fit the hand rail drill a .5 mm hole in the desired location and insert the hand rail and glue. The straps are folded at 90 degrees and wrap over the hatch. Use the pattern on the hatch to position these straps.

Use the above photographs to aid the positioning of the hand brake wheel. There will be spare parts on the hand brake wheel etch panel. The wheel is fastened to a .2 mm  rod. The brackets are not folded and positioned 2mm from the wagon end  at the hand brake end as described on the SEM instructions. Use the lug adjacent to the kd plate for the inside bracket and align with the other bracket in behind the c channel. Thread through the hand wheel and fasten.

Use the SEM decals as described but change the wagon code with the GH 800 decal provided.