Roof vent template

Click on this link to create a template for the roof vent positions on both verdsions of the Hearse Van.

J hearse Van roof vent template.pdf

Hearse Wagon J Class

Very few instruction needed in this project. Instructions apply to both versions.

Super glue is used to glue all polyeurathane cast parts.

Buffers can either be glued or soldered onto the head-stock. Identify a rebated area in the head-stock  to cater for the buffers. If soldering do it now. If gluing it can be undertaken any time.

Glue side-frames to side edge of chassis. Positioning is very important here. Make sure the top of the side-frame is glued to the deck. Also make sure the ends are true and identical with its mirror side-frame. Place into position and glue the body into the deck of chassis assembly. A centred position is important when gluing the body to the chassis. Glue the head-stocks into position as each end.

Below a you will find a link to the template sheet for the roof vents. Print it of and cut it out and hold onto the roof using rubber bands. Drill 1mm holes in the indicated position. Paint before gluing if you desire a different colour vent to the roof.


Utilise the usual websites for locations of decals.