Span Bolster 6 wheel page 2

Identify the top plate strengthening plate form the details etch. Drill a 1mm hole into the span bolster assembly through the 1 mm hole at the centre of the top plate. insert a small length of 1mm brass rod into the hole then place the strengthening plate into position using the rod as a guide. See above photographs. Align along with the body and when satisfied glue into position. Identify the cast trunnion plate. Some sanding on the back may be required to achieve a flat fit. This trunnion plate is positioned also over the strengthening plate via the brass rod. Once positioned glue. Care must be taken not to glue the brass rod.  The hand wheel etch, gear and bracket will now be assembled. The bracket maybe on another small etch panel. The bracket is folded at 90 degrees at the fold lines. This should form a U type shape. The bracket is positioned inside the folds of the head stock under the deck hidden from sight pretty well. Do not glue into position yet. The two arms for the bracket are a different lengths. The longer is closest to the main body of the span bolster. Therefore the shorter is at the end of the headstock. Identify the holes in these arms. The longer has two small ones and the shorter one. The hand wheel from the detail etch panel. Is to be fastened to a small diameter rod. It's then threaded through this hole and the corresponding hole of the longer arm of the bracket. If the modeller desires the smallest disk on the details etch could be used behind the hand brake wheel and the bracket arm. This smallest disk represents a gear. Check the photographs below. The remaining hole on the longer arm of the bracket will be for the remaining etch disk. It can either be fastened directly onto the arm or via a small length of rod and threaded through the hole. The bracket and hand wheel assembly can now be fastened to the headstock in a position as described before. The photographs will help understand its positioning.  Identify the hand rail on the body etch panel. The hand rail has two small lolcating holes in the headstock etch in the appropriate position. The hand wheel assembly should be attached before the hand rail is put into its position. Plate the legs of the hand rail through the appropriate holes and when satisfied glue into position. 

The air tank and brake cylinder are used from the SEM bogie wagon brake kit. A small piece of plastic c channel attached as above helps position and fasten the parts into place. The brake cylinder is attached to the side of the body just on the kd side of the centre of the body. A photograph higher on this page shows this positioning. Same process with the air tank except its positioned on the other side of the span bolster.  The modeller can include any further detail they see fit. I have many more photographs of these details if required.