The above link will show the modeller diagrams of the etches and will aid the identification of the parts. This kit represents a prototypical transformer. However there generic aspects to the model.

Identify the brass etch cradle. Identify the two variations of the cradles. Fold the etch along the fold lines at 90 degrees. The cradles straddle the buttresses as pictured above. To achieve the required height place the transformer into position in the wagon. Sit it on a piece of plastic or similar 3 to 4 mm thick. Place the cradle over the buttress and glue into position. Identify the flanges. The circular flanges are positioned on the pipe outlet fittings on the lid. Small flange onto small outlet etc. The square flanges have no correct or incorrect position. One of the square flanges could be positioned on the end of the transformer. To be more correct prototypically the flanges would be the same colour and the body of the transformer.     


QS 2 Load - Transformer


Cast Parts

Transformer body


Buttresses x 4

Rectangle spacers x 2

small angled buttress parts

control panel box

Brass Etch

1 brass panel containing round and square flanges

3d printed parts

Anchor bollards x 4

Identify the body and lid. The lids is positioned on top symmetrically. Super glue gel to get a bit of movement to establish a symmetrical position. Leave to dry. Identify the cast control panel box. Position it in between the buttresses  on the end as shown bottom left photograph.  Idemtify the buttresses. The shorter pair are positioned on the ledge side and the longer on the other side. The cast spacer will aid positioning the buttresses using the existing buttress as a guide. See photographs below. Identify the small angled buttress part. These parts circumnavigate the ledge part of the body and continue the buttress from the ground to the lid of the transformer. See bottom middle photograph above. Identify the anchor bollards. Photograph below. Photograph above bottom right show positioning on the buttress 2 mm from the lid. Super glue these parts into position.