QS 2 body Assembly.


Cast parts

Cross sub chassis x 2

box sub chassis x 2

Etch parts

Top and bottom plates panel

Gusset  panel x 2

Sides panel

Sub chassis panel Box

Sub chassis panel cross

Flange small plate panel.

Plastic parts

8 small white plastic blocks approx. 6 x 3 x 3 mm.

Astute railway observers will notice an error in the positioning of a gusset at each end on the display model. This has been rectified in the kit. New photographs will be provided once the new display is produced.

Assembly Instructions

Place the top plate onto the side assembly. Set the gussets into their positions. Once in position solder or glue. Fasten the top plate and the gussets. This will hold the assembly together. Where you have fastened the assembly this should form the inside of the side.  Complete both sides. The bottom plate is now put into position. The gussets sit in the cavity of the bottom plate and there are fold lines on the edge of the plate that correspond to the fish belly shape of the side. Manoeuvre the plate to correspond with the fish belly shape and being flush with the ends. Once satisfied fasten. That's the sides done. Put aside.

Identify the sides of the wagon and notice the engravings and slots. Place two sides back to back. The engravings must be visible. Do not solder or glue the sides. Slide the gussets over the sides . The lengths of the gusset must correspond with the width of the sides. Therefore the top and bottom of the gusset must be flush with the top and bottom of the side. The lengths of the gussets vary to accommodate the variable width of the sides. 

Identify the two cast sub Chassis. One is a box shape and the other is a cross. Identify the corresponding etches. The box shaped one (pictured above) is for the box shaped sub chassis. On the box shaped etches in each corner is a rebated section. This accommodates the triangular gusset included in the etch panel. Fasten the gusset into its position on the box shaped sub chassis etch. These gussets are on the uppermost and underneath  of this sub chassis. Once the gussets are fastened the etches can be fastened to the cast part. Super glue only. The etch should be flush with all edges of the cast. Once fastened put aside.

The two cast cross sub chassis are then fastened to their etches. The etches are approximately 1 mm larger that the cast. Placement of the cast with the etch can be done by eye. Place the cast onto the etch and once satisfied glue into position. Repeat top and bottom for both sub chassis assemblies. The bottom side of this assembly is identified  with a 1 mm hole. this caters for the trunnion pin and assembly.  



Set all the gussets into their correct positions. There should be some left over. Identify the top and bottom plates. The longer of the two is the bottom plate. The top plate is smooth on the top side and underneath has a series of ruts to accommodate the side assembly.