Its is highly recommended the modeller construct a jig for ease of construction.

Soldering is the recommended form of fastening with this kit.

A certain degree of soldering skill is required to construct to construct this kit.

The sideframes require delrin bearings fitted. Firstly the holes in the sideframes require drilling. A 2mm drill is used to drill 2mm deep. Extreme care must be taken not to drill through the sideframe especially with the roller bearing type bogie. Drill the sideframes so the delrin is flush with the flat inside of the sideframe. Insert the delrin.

Identiy the lug on the inside of the sideframe. Identify the rebated section of the arms on the centre plate. The rebated section sits on the sideframe lug. Make sure the two parts are square and symmetrical. Solder one side frame to the centre plate. See above photograph.

Place the wheels into position and manipulate the second sideframe into position in the jig. Take care to have the parts square and symmetrical. Solder.  

Identify the transoms and use the photograph where to position them. Care must be taken not to have the transom and the wheels touching. When satisfied with positioning solder. On the centre plate the bogie mounting plate from the Span bolster 6 wheel kit can be positioned using the holes in both to align. Once satisfied glue into position.


S Class Tender Bogies



This kits doesn't include wheels.  Wheels must be 10.5 x 25 mm. These are available from Steam Era models. This kit requires delrin bearings. Plastic SEM are the recommend type.

The bogies are available in two variations. Pail or roller bearing.


White Metal parts

Side frames 2 per bogie

Centre plate 1 per bogie

Transoms 2 per bogie