Water Tower

Check all parts are present,- you should have the following parts

1 x Pedestal

1 x entrance step

1 x entrance door surround

1 x entrance door

1 x pedestal ring

1 x water tank

1 x pair concrete tank columns

1 x tank lid

1 x tank lid hand-rail ring

1 x roof top shed

1 x roof top shed door

1 x roof top shed door surround

1 x roof top shed door

1 x antenna box

1 x control box

8 x hand rail posts

220mm x .5 mm brass wire

80mm x .5 brass wire

approx 50mm white plastic tube

4 x plastic tube elbows

2 x plastic values (clip onto tube)

1 x plastic flange (clip onto tube)

4 x black plastic flanges


Identify the pedestal base. Some sanding/filing may be required on its base to obtain the correct standing position. Check square and sand/file where required. Identify the entrance step and glue at the base of the pedestal. The concave edge must be adjacent to the pedestal wall. Identify the entrance door surround and glue on top of the step with the concave edge adjacent to the pedestal wall. Identify the pedestal ring and slide it over the top of the pedestal. Do not glue as yet. Place the tank on top of the pedestal into its final resting position. DO NOT GLUE. Slide the pedestal ring until it fits neatly adjacent to the tank. Glue carefully. Do not glue the tank into position. Remove the tank and put aside the pedestal.

Identify the tank lid and position it into the top of the tank. Do not glue. Identify the tank lid ring. Study the ring closely and locate some very small dot indentations on the top on the ring. These indentations are a guide where to drill holes for the hand rail posts. As such they are required to be visible after gluing to the lid. Place the ring on top of the tank lid in a symmetrical position and glue. You should also have noticed on the ring two small lines across the ring. Once the glue has set very carefully cut through the ring where these two lines are and clear the wasted piece of ring. Best to use a scalpel for this task. This rebated area is where the shed assembly is positioned. Glue the lid into the tank top. Identify the pair of tank columns. These are glued to the side of the tank directly opposite to the position of the shed.

Drill small holes into the ring where the indentations are. I've used a .7 mm drill and a 1mm drill both will good results. Test with the smaller or similar size first and adjust if necessary and if possible use a vertical drill or drill press to achieve perfect 90 degree angles. Identify the hand rail posts. The eyelet opening is too large in its present form and requires a filling of some sort. I've use both super glue gel and modelling filler/putty. The putty is probably the better. Take care filling the eyelet with the putty only using enough to achieve your best result. Let set. Drill a hole between .5 mm and .6 mm.  to cater for the hand rail.

Identify the roof top shed and glue its roof into position. Leave enough overhang to accommodate the door and its surround.

Gluing the external plumbing requires mek, tetra or similar glues suitable for styrene.

To assemble the external plumbing fittings take the plastic tube and cut two 20mm lengths. Identify the white plastic flange. Position it over one of the 20 mm tubes. Identify the 4 black plastic flanges. These items will need filing to obtain a ring like appearance. Honing of the inner will also be required to fit onto the tube. Once the black plastic flanges are tidy place two over each of the 20mm lengths of tube. Identify the plastic elbows and glue into position. The assembled section so far reflects the large pipes coming out of the ground has the middle section and returns underground. Position the black fl over or near where the elbow joins the 20mm section. Take the clip on valves and place one on each of the 20mm sections. Position the valves and flanges etc to your liking and glue.

Paint the plumbing assemblies.

Paint the shed assembly

Paint the pedestal assemble

Paint the tank assembly

Paint the control box

Paint the antenna box

Paint the hand rail rails and hand rail posts.

Paint the doors and surrounds

Paint everything.

Position the hand rail posts into the ring where required. Obtain and even height of approximately 15mm.  Fashion the 220mm length of brass wire into a circle form. To thread the hand rail through the posts start where the positioning of the roof top shed will be and thread through the posts until threaded through all the posts. Modify the shape and position of the posts and handrail and when satisfied glue.

Assemble the roof top shed. Glue the door surround onto the shed and the door. glue to antenna box onto the roof and fit some small pieces of brass wire for antennas. Glue into position. Glue the control box into position. 

Glue the entrance door into position.

Glue the plumbing fittings into position.

Weather if required and done.