QS 2 Body Assembly Page 2

The two sub chassis types are now glued together. Position the box sub chassis on top of the cross sub chassis. The box must be symmetrical so an equal portion of the cross is exposed on all sides. Once satisfied glue into position. Holding the sub chassis you can easily see how the different widths are achieved. While there are two different widths for this model the sub chassis can also be in a forward or rearward position. The bottom picture above shows the sub chassis in the forward position. Note on the side assembly the pair of gussets approximately 4 mm apart. The pair of gussets 4mm apart indicate the load bearing position where the sub chassis is positioned. Notice another pair  of gussets 4mm apart to the rear of the side assembly. This is the rearward position for the sub chassis.

To attach the sub chassis assembly to side assembly the small white plastic block is position on the inside of the side assembly in between the gussets. They are small enough to fit in the 4mm gusset pair. Decide if the sub chassis is to be forward or rearward and glue the plastic blocks into the appropriate cavity areas. Sanding or filing of the plastic block may be required. Once satisfied glue the side and sub chassis assemblies. 


Decal. Utilise the available online photographs for positioning of decals.