KPC Wagons

The instructions cater for both the 10'6" and 11'6" models.

The kits consists of the chassis, decals and brass etch. The modeller is required to supply their own undercarriage kit from Steam Era Models, their own coupling and other under carriage details parts.

There are photographs on my facebook page (section 8 model railway) that can assist the modeller in the assembly of this model. You do not have to be a subscriber to facebook to use this service.

From the SEM kit prepare the sideframes for use. Remove the lugs from the rear of the sideframes. Insert the derin bearings into their cavity. Place the chassis on a flat surface so the under detail is facing up. Place beside the chassis the sideframes and keeping square and flush with the end - glue. For this gluing I use Tetra. Repeat for the other sideframe. Once dry and secure prepare the etch for use. Carefully remove the two decks from their tags. Tidy up the remaining tag by sanding or filing. Inspect the etch deck and identify the headstock end. This end has a rebated section to cater for the coupling and buffer holes there is also a rut across the deck to indicate the fold line. This fold line must be hidden from view so fold the headstock portion of the etch in a 90 degree fashion making sure the fold line is on the inside of the fold. Repeat on the other etch piece. This has formed the headstock end of the etched deck.

At the opposite end of the etch is the container lock assembly. Having the headstock folded down the lock assembly is to be folded up. Fold the lock assembly along its fold line at 90 degrees. Identify the two lugs at the sides of each of these folds and also fold them at 90 degrees. They will form the corner lock of the assembly. Check the etch positioning with the container and once happy with all being square glue the deck etch into position on the deck of the chassis. I've just used double sided tape without any issues.

Along the fold line of the container lock assembly gusset ruts should be visible. Carefully remove the gussets from their tags. Tidy the tag remaining. The 90 degree angle of gusset should sit in the rut. Place a small amount of superglue on the edge of the gusset and position it into the rut and hold of a few second to allow drying. Repeat for all gussets. The larger of the gussets are for each end of the assembly. 

Retrieve brake posts from the SEM kit and glue into the holes underneath the chassis in the holes provided.

Finished. Detail the undercarriage as you see fit.