On the headstock end of the span bolster body you will see a .5 mm hole. This accommodates the hand rail. Identify the hand rail from the detail etch panel. Study the pictures above. The bottom rail of the hand rail fits into the hole on the headstock. The top of the hand rail is anchored into the brake ratchet  plate. Identify the brake ratchet plate. Identify the three small tags. These three have small fold lines and are folded 90 degrees. The tag adjacent to the plate has a very small hole. This is where the top of the hand rail is anchored. The remainder two triangle shaped tags are locators for the brake ratchet plate. Position the brake ratchet plate on the front of the headstock and allow the triange tags to rest on the deck of the assembly. When satisfied fasten. Position the hand rail in its holes as described and when satisfied fasten. On the opposite side of the headstock the air reserve tank bracket is positioned along the side of the span bolster body assembly. Refer to the above pictures. The top middle picture shows the position of the bracket. The bracket is folded in half at 90 degrees where the fold lines are. There is also a tag that can be folded at 90 degrees. This tag has two small holes for air lines if desired. After folding position the bracket onto the span bolster body and when satisfied with its position fasten. The cast trunnion plate is now positioned onto the deck of the span bolster assembly. Some sanding of the back of the plate may be required for a flush flat fit.  The 1 mm hole of the plate and the 1mm hole on the body are aligned to obtain its positioning. Once satisfied fasten. Then the staballiser blocks are positioned onto the ends of the centre bearers. See pictures. Place into position and once satisfied glue. The trunnion disk on the detail etch panel is for the wagon body where the coupling of the span bolster and the wagon is. Fasten into its position on the wagon body when satisfied. The Steam Era Models bogie wagon brake kit  is now required. As a minimum I recommend the placement of the brake cylinder and stand. The air tank and the Hand ratchet brake mechanism be used. Use the pictures for positioning of these parts. Obviously the hand racket brake is positioned on the etched plate. The Brake cylinder is positioned on the deck of the span bolster at the headstock end. It is positioned on the stand and the air tank is positioned on the bracket.  The is a U shaped etch on the body etch panel. This is to complete the brass circumnavigation of the Kd at the headstock. The fold of the top plate has half the circumnavigation covered this part is positioned under the kd. I have found it not necessary to use this part. Its not seen but is there if the modeller desires.  

A length of 1 mm brass rod is used to couple the span bolster and the wagon. It should be fixed into either the body or span bolster but not both. I prefer it into the wagon. Drill a 1mm hole into the body where a small hold exists in the sub chassis. This is also where the tunnion disk is positioned. Drill a 1mm hole into the top plate of the span bolster through the trunnion plate. Fix the 1mm brass rod and trim to fit.


That is as far as I took my project. Further detail can be added by the modeller as they see fit. Referrals to the online photographs can show more detail or I have many photographs that can be provided if desired.

Span Bolster 4 wheel page two