VR Station Parts List

Cast Parts
Front and back walls
Roof plate
End walls x 2
Platform door panels and surround
Entry door panels and surround
Main platform door surround and panels
Internal braces x 2 and corner supports x 4
Road side side window frames x 10. End wall window frames x 2
Chimney parts x 6 - body middle and top  2 @
Verandah post end - heaps - 2 types
Decorative gabled facia and support
Entry door wall, entry walls x 2 support blocks x 4
Platform wall doors, 5 large, 1 main door, 1 narrow platform door
Roof gable pyramid

Entry arch

ABS Parts
Folding roof skin
Roof skin ends x 2
Folding gable roof skin
3 mm strip x 2 awning facia
3 mm strip long verandah facia
Spine truss x 2
Roof trusses standard x 12
Roof trusses beveled edges x 2 pairs
Roof trusses (black dot) x 2 pair

ABS Jigs  400 mm version
VL Verandah Large x 6 pieces
AJL Awning Jog Large x 3 pieces

ABS Jigs 280 mm version
AL Awning Jig x 3 pieces
MV Medium Verandah x 3 pieces

Styrene Parts
U Channel (gutter) x 7
1.6 mm rod (verandah posts)

Metal roofing
Northeast packs x 2
K & S pack x 1

Etched Brass sheet
Verandah supports etc
Awning supports etc
Roof ridging x 2
Verandah mesh ends
Verandah Facia vallance

0.6 mm  brass rod x 3