Silo - Geelong Style

Check all parts are present - you should have

2 x large bins (tubes) PVC

2 small bins (thinner) Polyurethane cast - on 1.8.17 cast bins are replaced with 50mm PVC tubes x 2

which also required plain doors (abs plastic) x 2 and a cap/jig for shaping the top of the small bin  

2 x large rubber bands

Polyurethane pieces

4 x wall joining strips

2 x bin jigs 10mm thick

2 x roof cradles 10 mm thick

plastic bag containing 12 x 3 pane windows, window panels (for masking during painting) rear of window panels (for creating dark or coloured panel behind the window.)  

plastic bag containing two jigs (odd shaped) for spout assembly

plastic bag containing 3 spout hoods, 4 spout tube receivers and a small jig for constructing spout support

plastic bag containing receiving hopper parts - 1 receiving hopper floor, 1 bin, 1 bin lid, 1 fence, 1 rail-side loading platform and 1 set of hopper doors

plastic bag containing weigh-bridge parts -1 plate, 1 surround, 1 shed/office and 1 brass ladder.

2 plastic bags containing cupola parts - 1st bag - 2 x front/rear wall support with rebated areas for windows, 2 x side walls gabled, corrugated and apertures for vents, 2 vents, 2 window blocks, 1 roof vent. 2nd bag - front and rear wall, 1 x roof, 2 internal braces 40 x 50 x 3mm, 2 window fittings, 6 x 6 pane windows.

plastic bag containing 2 x water tanks, 2 tank platforms and 4 x tank support beams.

ABS plastic parts

Roof Parts

plastic bag containing 4 x triangle corrugated roof skins.

plastic bag containing 8 x standard roof trusses

plastic bag containing 4 x small bags, each containing pairs of roof trusses

plastic bag containing 2 rectangle bits 14 x 55 x 3mm (cupola bearers), 2 x small bags - Ist contains 2 centre roof bearers with bevel top side, the 2nd containing 4 x small trusses with stepped bottom plate.

plastic bag containing 1 panel of ridging strips, 2 of 55 x 50 x 2 mm rectangles overhang roof support, 2 x 1mm thick overhang roof support underneath parts.

1 x 1mm roof plate with circle engravings

1 x 2mm roof plate with ruts and engravings

2 x main roof corrugated skins

2 x long thin roof spine truss

1 panel of 1.5mm thick facia

1 panel of 2mm thick gutters

Styrene parts

plastic bag containing 5mm plastic tube and 4 x 5mm  elbow joiners.

plastic bag containing 3mm plastic tube, 3 small bags containing, 1 x brass ratchet bar, thin styrene strip and thin styrene C channel, 1 x 90 degree and 2 x elbow 3mm joiners.

plastic bag containing silo decals.

see 2nd page for assembly (Silo - Geelong Style 2nd page)